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Augh. Making breakfast my biggest meal of the day is going to be rough. My stomach hates eating in the morning. But hopefully this and stopping eating at least 4 hours before bed will help me lose that 30 lbs I so want to lose. 

I'm also trying out this Papaya Enzyme supplement to help me digest fat in food. I figure, since I don't have a galbladder, digesting the fat improperly is one of the reasons I'm having so much trouble losing weight. We'll see how this works. :)

I'm also starting to replace my daily coffee with tea. So far I have a lot more energy. It's also helping me with the depression I've felt lately. 

As for my family life. It's still pretty... eh. My mom is out of jail now and in a rehab house for women. She has yet to find a job, and continues to ask for half of my sister's money. I'm pretty sure she's been sober - but she rarely returns my calls. She's constantly yelling at my dad to give her money, though. Which stresses him out because he can barely afford food.

On another note - I finally have Adobe Photoshop CS5. Since I haven't used photoshop in about 3 years, I'm going to have to do some refresher tutorials. That's ok, though. I'm sure it'll help me with my comic. This comic I'm hoping to have the first chapter done by November so I can print and sell it at Youmacon! Fingers crossed.