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Aug. 13th, 2012

New Yoga Pants

Here's my new yoga pants. :)


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So I tried out an Elliptical Machine for the first time today. My god. Way harder then it looks. But I feel I get a way better workout then if I just did the treadmill. Now I'm munchin on some Peanut Butter and drinking Whey Protein. Today is starting off great. :)
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Sooo day two of 4 hours of sleep. HORRAY. Augh

Last night Night Audit was hard. I think it was mostly because I was sooo tired, the numbers weren't adding up in my brain. Doesn't help that if I don't get enough sleep my number dyslexia kicks in. At least he helped me finish it. I hope I do better tonight. Even though I got the same amount of sleep I still feel more rested.

With shifting over to third shift it's been crazy on my body. I'm hoping I'll have some extra time to exercise and all that - but until my body can handle the sleeping schedule shift I think I'll be taking it slow. 

I'm really to the point where I know I'm attractive, to at least someone. I don't have to be stick thin for that. I have curves, and I don't care. SOMEONE is going to look at me and like what they see. I think people are a lot less shallow then they're perceived to be. Think about it. You're passing someone in the mall - you look at them and think they're judging you. Chances are, they're doing the exact same thing. We all think we're judging each other and that just leads to insecurities. In reality people are so hopped up on "the daily rush" that they may think about some random person they see for all of a minute, then be completely distracted by work or friends or family or school or any other thing they have going on in their lives. It's not a big deal, and unless you're going out in a bikini and giant floppy hat and strolling around walmart or something I'm pretty sure they won't go to their friends two days later and be like "HEY I TOTALLY SAW THIS PERSON AND THEY LOOKED TERRIBLE." As long as YOU feel good and YOU feel healthy and YOU feel the way you want to - who cares what THEY think or THEY say? You're the star of your own life - shine baby. :) 

So, shifting topics, I'll be doing night audit/security thirds this weekend. I get to do all the fun stuff - like make sure all the doors are locked, run towels and whatever a guest needs to their rooms, monitor the pool and salons so no drunks get into things, deal with noise complaints, shuttle to and from airport/bars, set out coffee for morning goers, unlock all employee doors and pool doors at the correct time, fight koalas, profit. 

It shouldn't be TOO bad, I just know I need to get better shoes before then because I'll be doing A LOT of running around the hotel. These shoes have already bruised my feet. :( Guess 10 + hours of nonstop walking does that. 

I almost feel like I'm getting sick. I've been so iffy with food lately. It's hard for me to stomach a decent amount at once. Although, snacking on it throughout the day will probably help my metabolism more anyway. I think another problem is my teeth. I have a cavity on the one side, and somehow broke a molar in half on the other. Eating usually consists of two bites then a very sharp pain that gives me a headache - then it subsides after 5 - 10 minutes then I can continue. I need dental insurance augghhhh. Whenever I find a dentist that won't charge me out the ass for stuff I need to get braces as well. I think that'll help my confidence <3 plus, braces are so cute ha.

This post is jumping around so many topics, I apologize if it makes no sense. I'm just in the process of waking up and in that time I usually have a million different things running through my head.

OH I got a microwave! Now I can heat up my leftover rice and veggies ! I can live without a microwave pretty easily but it's just more convenient when I get up late and have to eat before work. 

Man, I'm really behind on tumblr and stuff lately. :( I think it's mostly because I've been SOOO freakin busy with work and stuff. I'll be free on thursday and friday though! TIME TO SETTLE DOWN AND MAKE MY FOOD PLAN! <3

I think I'll go for a jog or bike ride or something then shower to wake me up.
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Aug. 12th, 2012

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So Anna and Sean came over at 8 am this morning. Surprise! I woke up, and groggily made some coffee. I had gone to bed at 4:30 am. Heh.

After finally waking up to the point of being able to drive, we all headed out to grab a bite at Arnie's. Sunday's are so strange there. I'm pretty sure that's the place all the church-goers go for the Sunday Brunch after church. I walked in and there was a man playing on a piano, and I instantly felt like I was at a funeral. It made eating feel strange, not to mention my black zipper jeans and star covered hoodie were probably not the appropriate attire compared to everyone else in the restaurant. Oh well. Still was decent food. I had a Veggie Ciabatta. This less cheese thing is killing me though. Never realized how much I loved cheese ha ~

After we went over to Best Buy to look at Microwaves. Got a pretty little one by Sharp. 


I like the grey look to kitchenware. :)

Next door was a flea market that I had never noticed before. We decided to venture in. It wasn't the best one I had ever been to - most of the stuff looked like it was straight from 30 year old storage. I did manage to find a book with writing in the front cover. Someone had bought it as a birthday give, in 1845! Old books are so neat. 

I managed to find one thing I liked, though. A nice pull over hoodie. Most of my hoodies have the zipper in the front - and most of the zippers are broken. Sometimes I like to just sit around in a big pullover one and relax. <3


After that I told them I had to take a nap before work because, well, 3.5 hours wasn't cutting it. I curled up in bed and fell asleep within 5 minutes.Two hours later and it's time for work~

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Aug. 10th, 2012

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When I drink, SHE comes out. The completely not giving a shit girl. The girl who will tell you what she thinks and what she feels. She doesn't take shit from anyone, and doesn't care if you're offended or try to argue back. Go ahead. I dare you. Say shit to me. I'm fat, I'm happy, and I'm worth more then any terrible comments you can throw at me. The internet is just full of a bunch of pussy ass bitches that talk shit. If we were face to face, where would your words be? They wouldn't be leaving your mouth, that's for sure. And if they did, they'll happily be greeted with my own in retaliation. Here it's not worth the argument, they're all not worth the energy. Come visit me, say it to my face, then I'll THINK about giving a shit. k? :)

I have a warning for anyone that asks me advice when I'm like this, though. I don't "beat around the bush". I don't tread lightly. I'll tell you my opinion on the subject and I'll be bluntly truthful. If I think you're being a dumbass, I'm going to tell you. It's my opinion, and you asked for it. Have a problem with honestly? Then don't ask. Simple.

Have a good night, lovelies. :P :)

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God I miss you Mya. I wish you were here right now. I miss your beautiful smile, your warm hugs, and your infectious giggle. <3 Why did you leave us so soon? All the great ones die so young...

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IT'S MY FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY! I can't be in New York with her - but I'm drinking right along with ya girl! :) Smirnoff whipped cream and sprite. Mmmm. 

Just sitting back - enjoying my new computer chair and watching Drag Race. I freakin love drag queens! If I was a guy I would so be one. I'm so jealous of how fabulous they are ~ <3

Aug. 9th, 2012

First day off in a week.

Ahhhh just spent most of the day relaxing. Been working on my mp3 playlist for my new Sansa Clip <3 It'll be great for jogging, biking, and the gym. :) I can't wait to spend the night with Trunk and watch a movie ~ We're going to watch Leon the Professional and cuddle on the couch. <3 Cuddles are <3 <3

Aug. 8th, 2012

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Today has been pretty decent. It's another slow day so Night Audit should be nice. I'm hoping to be faster at it tonight and need a little less help. Apparently J, the guy that's teaching me, thought I did really well. He was telling Baer about it this morning when he came in for first shift. I "soak up the information well". ha. :) It's nice to know. I'm trying hard!

I'm hoping to have the first part of night audit done by 2 am tonight. One day I'll have it done by 1:30 am - but that won't be for a bit.

Well, I'm going to be off now. Going to finish up some loose ends and wait for the last of the journals to get in so I can sort and balance them. :)

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Watching documentaries on obesity makes me want to work out. 

It reminds me of before my surgery. Back when I was 275 lbs. I was tormented because of my weight. I felt like shit, like nothing. I was told I was worth nothing. It's hard to switch from being completely despised to being treated like a decent human being after losing weight. I really fucks with your psyche. That's why sometimes when I look in the mirror - I see myself as huge. I still see myself as worthless. I try to drive off those thoughts as much as possible, but it's hard.

I've been this way from an early age. I'll give you an example. When I was 5 I went to my mother and asked her if I could have a different body. She asked why, and I replied, "I don't like mine. I just want to be like everyone else." It broke her heart. But it starts young now. The constant bashing on fat people and such. 

I understand there's another side of the spectrum where skinny people get a lot of flack as well, but I'm talking about my experience. We all should just accept eachother as who we are. I hate the judgement that's being thrown around now-a-days. 

argh. end rant. off to gym.

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